Message from Superintendent

Information about today's lockdown.

At approximately 8:10am, a weapon (knife) was found on a fifth grade student.  An administrator was with the student when the weapon was discovered.  Upon identifying the presence of the weapon, the administrator proceeded to search for any additional items of concern.   At that point, the student became agitated and refused to be checked.  The student left the room without permission and ran from school administration.  Meanwhile, the SRO and law enforcement were contacted and the corporation was placed on lockdown out of precaution. Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that the student hid in the boys' locker room for a short while and then walked to the Nurse's Office. The student was immediately taken to the SRO's Office for further questioning.  During the line of questioning the student stated that he forgot the knife was in his pocket and had no intentions of harming anyone at school.  The student has been removed from school and will undergo disciplinary actions as school administration works directly with local law enforcement. The situation in question lasted no more than one hour. During this time students and staff remained in classrooms where instruction continued as usual.