Body Safety Parent Program

The Body Safety Program is Coming!

Parent Meeting Scheduled

Riverside Center  231 E Monroe St.  Decatur
Monday, September 27th at 7:00pm

Please join parents and teachers in making our county a safe place for kids and a dangerous place for predators, by attending The Body Safety Program Preview Night on Monday, September 27th at 7pm at the Riverside Center in Decatur. This program is for adult ears only, so we ask that you not bring children with you.

The Body Safety Program was created in 1983 and books a year in advance. The program is designed to empower children without scaring them. It has been approved by hundreds of school systems and has produced excellent results. The Body Safety program not only educates and empowers our children; it also sends a message to predators that our children are prepared for people like them.

We are offering parents, teachers and other youth workers/professionals a chance to hear from Sergeant Terry Hall to further educate them on the program and the safety issues that will be addressed. Sergeant Hall will give a 45 minute program addressing signals and myths of abuse. You will also learn how you as a teacher, parent or concerned citizen can handle a report on an incident of abuse.

He will also outline what will be covered in the children’s versions of the program so that parents may make an educated decision on their child’s participation.

Education is power and therefore predators don’t want you and your child to hear this information. Make their job harder by joining us to learn what you and your child can do to help protect the children of our county.

Who Should Attend?

Parents Teachers Counselors Youth Ministers Scout Leaders Boys & Girls Club and Pre-School Directors

The meeting room will be set up to allow social distancing to occur. We ask that you please be prepared to wear a mask, if local community guidelines request so at the time. Thank you.