Ms. Cathie Bledsoe, Internet Crimes Against Children Youth Instructor of the Indiana State Police, will be at Adams Central on December 11th, 2019.  Ms. Bledsoe will provide several student presentations throughout the school day and then a parent/community presentation at 6pm in the SAC.  

The Indiana ICAC Youth Educators provide age-appropriate Cyber Safety presentations to:

1.  Help reach our youth before they become victims,

2.  Provide help to those who have already been victimized,

3.  Minimize the potential for acts of school violence committed due to online victimization.

The good news is that most children are not getting into trouble online, but there are still risks to consider.

There will be two presentations for students.  The first presentation will focus on grades 3rd-5th and the second will be directed towards middle and high school students.

The parent presentation will cover what was presented to the students  during the day and what precautions parents can take to help protect their children.

Please contact your child's principal for more information.