Mrs. Jauregui’s dual credit English 131 class spent part of the day on an in-house field trip to write their research paper.  The goal of the field trip is for students to experience the stamina it takes to work on research and writing for longer periods of time instead of short bursts.   This also provided some experience with time management, as this is a longer block of time than students are used to working on one task.  Along the way, Mrs. Jauregui was available for conferencing.  She met with students throughout the day to differentiate between the various needs of students. 

After the field trip, students provided feedback on the field trip.  The survey showed that 100% of students felt that it was worth their time and 95% of students felt more confident about their paper at the end of the field trip.  Here are a few things the seniors, who participated in the field trip, had to say about the experience…

  • The most valuable part of the day was being able to get help while I am working on the paper instead of after
  • Being able to write continually and not having to restart was valuable
  • I thought the most valuable part of my day was being able to just sit down and actually think about what I was writing and be able to write for a long period of time.
  • The most challenging part of the day was the first 30 min I was in there, trying to get focused on my paper.
  • I learned that if I sit down and get in the zone, I can get a lot done.
  • I can’t just mindlessly write.  I have to put thought into it.

Overall, it was an eye-opening day for students as they worked through the details of writing a college level paper, managing their time, and learning the focus required for in-depth college writing.