On Tuesday, November 19th, approximately 10,000 teachers will rally at the State House in Indianapolis, to send a collective voice for educational reform.  Across the State, approximately 1/3 of public school corporations will be closed this day due to the massive participation of public school teachers.  

Although Adams Central will remain open, we will still support our fellow educators by hosting a Go Red For Ed celebration during the school day.  We are asking for all staff and students to wear red on Tuesday, Nov. 19th to support much needed reform to our current education system.  

Did You Know...

~ $100 million is spent each year on student testing in Indiana.

~ State legislatures granted public education a 2% increase in funding while granting charter schools a 10% increase.

~ The State of Indiana has a $2 billion surplus.

~ Indiana spends less per pupil than Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.

~ 90% of all Hoosier students attend public schools.

~ 60 out of 289 public school districts will receive less funding in 2020 and 2021.

~ Indiana ranks 51st in the country for teacher salary increases over the last 15 years.

~ 7 out of 10 voters say public schools in Indiana need more funding.

~ 72% of voters say public school teachers in Indiana are paid too little.

Source: ISTA-Indiana