Online Learning Option for COVID Pandemic

The need to continue offering an online option will be evaluated by Adams Central each 9 weeks.

Educational Content
Kindergarten through Grade 5IAS (Indiana Academic Standards)
Grades 6 through 8CCS (Common Core Standards)
Grades 9 through 12Credit Recovery (e2020)
  • Students with 504 accommodations and IEP modifications will have accommodations met through the programs offered.
  • Online courses are taught by licensed Indiana teachers.
  • Programs are fully accredited.

The content for this online learning option is rigorous.  The intention is for it to align with the level of in-person, traditional instruction.

  • Students will be required to log in daily for instruction and to complete assignments
  • Students not upholding online learning expectations will be withdrawn from the online learning option.
Changing Situations
  • Withdrawing from online learning - Students may withdraw from the online option at anytime and attend in-person classes at Adams Central.  Once a student returns to in-person instruction, they may not go back to the online option.   
  • Adams Central starts the year with district-wide virtual learning - In the event that Adams Central is not able to open traditionally, this online learning option will not be available.  Instead, ALL students will be provided with Adams Central, teacher created virtual learning.
  • Adams Central moves to district-wide virtual learning after the start of the school year - Students who started the school year with this online learning option may be transferred to Adams Central's Virtual Learning.