Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

& Extended Closing Information

Adams Central Call Center

Open week-days from 10am to 2pm by calling 692-6629 and select the ELEM Office option for ALL CALLS.

The call center is set up to answer questions and to offer resources for a number of topics. Included topics may be technical support for laptops, issues with assignments, resources for mental and emotional health, the lunch distribution process, and for sharing concerns and even just giving feedback. We are committed to providing as much support as we can to our students and families. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we get email addresses for staff members?

  • Website - Click on menu and then click on the staff button at the top of the menu.
  • App - email from the app by going to the menu and selecting staff.
  • PowerSchool account - has current teacher emails

Do seniors need to continue with eLearning? Why?
Yes, students are on track to graduate if they were in good standing when school moved to remote learning. However, per state guidelines, seniors also need to meet the 160 day requirement.

How will students return things such as library books, computers, textbooks, and etc?  
Dates will be forthcoming during the first week of May for the return of various materials back to the school. Students will need classroom materials up until May 21 to complete their remote learning.

How/when will we back able to pick up items from locker and classrooms?Grades 6-12 pickup information will be posted during the week of May 4 once we learn if Governor Holcomb keeps the social distancing in place or social restrictions start to be lifted.

Elementary will make decisions after Governor Holcomb’s May 1 update.

Will there be finals for AP and Dual Credit Classes?
Dates for the various AP classes have been established for the final exams starting on May 11. Dual credit classes will have a final if the Higher Ed institution calls for it.  

When/how will paper/pencil packets get turned in?
Students receiving paper packets are to return their materials in the self-addressed stamped envelopes. Mailings take place every 2 weeks.

Will seniors have their special events such as prom, senior walk, graduation, picnic, and awards?
At this time, we are working diligently in trying to host as many of the traditional senior events that take place in May as we can. We are awaiting word from Governor Holcomb on May 1 to see what impact his news conference will have as we set dates for these events.

Will there be kindergarten screening?
We are currently working on a plan for kindergarten screening. For now, it is just postponed. Parents who have turned in registration information will be informed of scheduling options via US postal mail. 

My senior still has lunch money in their account, will we get that money?
If the senior has no younger siblings at Adams Central, the money will be reimbursed after the May board meeting.

What if we don't have a device and/or internet for eLearning?
ELEM students - Contact the classroom teacher
MSHS students - Contact the office (260) 692-6151

What if my computer breaks while we are out of school?
Direct all laptop technical support issues through our ticketing system. It's simple: send your computer issues via email to tech@accs.k12.in.us This system will allow us to better track and diagnose your issues while we are working remotely.

Can't send an email?  Call the school at (260) 692-6629 to schedule with the Technology department to take care of device issues.

Are spring sports/athletics still going to practice or play?
Click here for athletics information

Our family or an individual we know is struggling right now, where can we go for help?
During uncertain times, we know it can be stressful.  While some local organizations may be experiencing a closing, we still want to provide you with a list of resources and numbers to call to start finding assistance.  Click here for the list!

For additional food resources, Click here

What about IREAD, ILEARN, ISTEP, AP, SAT, ACT, and other testing?
Read the letter from the Indiana Department of Education about various state assessments.  For questions about national tests such as AP, SAT, ACT, and others, please check your email and grade level Schoology course for updates from Mrs. Workinger or send her a message.

Will we continue to have eLearning three days a week? How long will we have to do eLearning?
Please refer to the calendar below for the elearning schedule and end date. The plan is to continue with three days a week and ending on May 21.

For ELEM students, are the special class activities required?
These activities are optional. They are meant to be a fun and creative activity for students.

Will there be a preschool or 5th-grade graduation?
At this time, we are not planning to hold these events.

eLearning & Lunch Calendar

eLearning assignments will be posted by 10am on eLearning days.
eLearning assignments will be due on Tuesday the following week.
Monday's lunch pick up will include 5 lunches for the whole week.