• Building Project 2018

    Building Project 2018

    Construction has begun! Click here to check up on the newest updates and pictures.
  •  New Traffic Pattern

    New Traffic Pattern

    Due to the beginning of construction, the flow of traffic before and after school has been changed. This applies to all vehicles dropping or picking up students. Click here for a full size image.
  • Our Students - Leaders of Tomorrow

    Our Students -
    Leaders of Tomorrow

    Students understand the value of a good education and what it means for them. Adams Central students strive to become the leaders of tomorrow and our educators are here to help them get there.
  • Adams CentralCommunity Schools

    Adams Central
    Community Schools

    In the heart of Adams County we are building a better future together, one student at a time. On our website you will find the latest news, event schedules, forms, policies, and much more useful information.
  • Adams Central SchoolsEducators & Staff

    Adams Central Schools
    Educators & Staff

    The Adams Central staff provides a four star education to all of our students. Our staff has a passion for teaching education. Our educators are helping to prepare for a brighter future together.
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Upcoming Events

PowerSchool Parent Info

Attention Powerschool Parents

Adams Central Middle and High School has activated a new Single Sign on (SSO) process for

parents to view their students' academic records. PowerSchool has improved the manner in

which parent/guardians access the parent portal. Parents can now access multiple students with

one login. In addition, the SSO gives parents control over their own login information. The access

ID and password provided previously to you will serve as credentials when creating or adding

students to your parent account. All parents must create one account and add students for whom

you have legal and parental rights.The old login will NOT work. If you have already created a

single sign-on account for another student in your family, you do not need to create another.

Parent/Guardian Accounts - To set up your single sign-on account for all your students:

1. Please go to the PowerSchool website by clicking here => Powerschool Link     

2. Click Create Account (not 'Sign In')

3. Fill in the information required at the top of the screen

4. Create your own Username and Password (number and letters only for both)

5. Fill in your student's name (bottom half of screen)

6. Fill in student Access ID and Access Password (provided below)

7. Select your relationship to the student (e.g. mother, father, etc.)

8. Click Enter

To add additional students:

1. Go to the PowerSchool website by clicking here => Powerschool Link     

2. Sign in

3. Navigate to Account Preferences > Students

4. Fill in your student's name

5. Fill in student Access ID and Access Password (provided)

Access ID: 

Please remember to keep all usernames and passwords private. If you have a question or concern

about your student's academic performance or other matter, you can contact your

teacher by phone, email or written note.